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“Limerick Roundup: Smallpox Scare Resolved, Parliamentary Fund and Women’s Institute Fundraising, Cycling Club Emerges, Egypt Lectures Impress” – Limerick Gazette

“Limerick Roundup: Smallpox Scare Resolved, Parliamentary Fund and Women’s Institute Fundraising, Cycling Club Emerges, Egypt Lectures Impress”

The smallpox scare in Limerick has been resolved as Nolan informed Limerick that the patient experiencing precautionary measures against the introduction of smallpox is convalescent and would be able to leave the hospital. This news should allay any fears of infection, and the young sister affected by the situation can hopefully return to her employment. It would be a good example for the Guardians to patronize the victims of a scare, now that the risk of infection is over. The responsible Medical Officer should not be blamed for being cautious, and Miss Flynn’s family should not suffer due to the initial strict safety measures.

The collection for the Parliamentary Fund is progressing satisfactorily, with many people holding onto their donations and waiting for representatives of the United League to collect the contributions. The genuine growing belief in the necessity for supporting the Irish Parliamentary Party is in stark contrast to anti-Parliamentary tendencies. A generous subscription of £50 has been handed in by O’Brien of South Hill, and a meeting to determine the collection will likely be held on Monday. It is expected that the collection will compare favorably to any collection ever held in the city.

The Women’s Sodality has successfully fundraised for an institute aimed at supporting members of St. Muredach’s Abstinence Sodality. Father Cregan, director of the Sodality, has received many substantial contributions to cover the initial expenses. Notable donors included Mrs. O’Brien from South Hill, Father K.P.P. from Fedamore, Lady Monteagle, and Mr J.

A young inventor from Limerick has developed a boat that moves like a bicycle, which can travel at a rate of eight miles per hour with little exertion from the user. This invention is expected to become widespread in a few years and affect transport across water.

Corporation meetings have had disagreements that resulted in unproductive discussions, leading to the need for private meetings and closed-door proceedings. Accurate reporting of local meeting content has required correction in memos regarding Limerick’s administration and committees.

Meanwhile, fascinating lectures on Egypt have captivated Limerick audiences. These lectures offer insights into the world of ancient Egyptian civilization and provide viewers with an understanding of the history and culture. Next month, a lecture featuring a trip along the Nile will be given by Air Steele at 37 High Street.

Limerick has seen an influx of sports clubs, primarily the formation of a new cycling club in addition to the Limerick Amateur Athletic and Cycling Club. The Limerick Cycling Club continues to grow in popularity, providing opportunities for athletes to participate in a new and exciting sport. In addition, support has been given to postal workers for a half-day of rest on Saturdays, with citizens speaking in favor of the proposal.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 20 April 1901