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Councillor Donnelan Proposes To Restore Annual Elections In Limerick Corporation – Limerick Gazette

Councillor Donnelan Proposes To Restore Annual Elections In Limerick Corporation

In Limerick, concerns have been raised over the Corporation’s decision to extend its term to three years in office, effectively denying citizens the opportunity to cast their votes for their elected representatives. Councillor Donnelan has taken note of the public’s concerns and expressed his intention to revoke the resolution that was passed in January 1899. This resolution had given the Corporation its current three-year term.

By moving to repeal the resolution, Councillor Donnelan aims to give power back to the citizens of Limerick, allowing them to have their say in the elections in a timely manner. This move would also enable the new Corporation to fix an election date that reflects the true democratic process.

Ratepayers in the area would certainly appreciate this change, as it would ensure that their voices are heard and their interests represented in local government. With elections due to take place next January, it is crucial for all residents to come together in support of Councillor Donnelan’s proposal and advocate for a transparent and accountable democratic process.

This issue highlights the importance of revisiting outdated or controversial decisions to ensure the needs and concerns of the community are adequately addressed. Should Councillor Donnelan’s motion be successful, it would set a precedent for local governments across the country to prioritize the democratic process and the interests of their constituents.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 01 June 1901