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“Lord Emly Emerges as Key Labour Leader, Impacting Limerick and Beyond” – Limerick Gazette

“Lord Emly Emerges as Key Labour Leader, Impacting Limerick and Beyond”

In recent years, a major development in Irish politics has been the rise of Lord Emly as a labour leader. With the support of the labour vote, he secured his position as a member of the Limerick County Council, and ever since, he has been advocating for direct labour contracts and labour representation on popularly elected bodies. Lord Emly’s influence has been felt not only in Limerick but also in neighboring counties.

Lord Emly highlighted the election of Mr Sherhan for Mid-Cork as the most notable Irish election since O’Connell’s victory for County Clare. His emphasis on labour issues and worker representation has resonated with many constituents, leading to significant electoral success.

Recently, the Labour Association in Nenagh, County Tipperary, achieved a remarkable victory when its 21 candidates were elected at the head of the poll in a contested election. Owing to this, the Labour Association now holds the entire representation on the Urban Council. This noteworthy triumph underscores the growing momentum of the labour movement in Ireland and the impact of Lord Emly’s leadership on the political landscape in Limerick and beyond.

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette – Thursday 30 May 1901