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Community Unites in Support of Dr Long Amidst Ongoing Controversy in Limerick |

Community Unites in Support of Dr Long Amidst Ongoing Controversy in Limerick

Limerick, Ireland – A pivotal meeting convened in Limerick to address the treatment of Dr Long, a medical missionary working tirelessly to provide aid to the poor, who found himself targeted by hostile mobs led by Reverend Mr O’Leary, a local priest. The gathering, packed with fervent supporters of Dr Long, witnessed a unanimous condemnation of the conduct of Mr Hickson, the Resident Magistrate, who recommended the boycotting of Dr Long at a recent petty session. Additionally, the actions of the local police county inspector, who threatened to restrict Dr Long’s movements, came under fire.

Dr Long’s noble mission in Limerick has been marred by allegations that he has been forcing his beliefs on the patients he treats, a charge vehemently denied by the medical missionary himself. The escalating hostilities and confrontations involving Dr Long and the Roman Catholic clergy have raised concerns within the community about the delicate balance between religious beliefs and the provision of essential medical care.

The meeting served as a rallying point for Dr Long’s supporters, who came together to voice their solidarity and condemn the aggressive actions of certain elements within the Roman Catholic clergy. Numerous speakers at the gathering underscored Dr Long’s unwavering dedication to providing medical assistance to those in dire need, all while respecting the beliefs and convictions of his patients.

By standing together in unity and reaffirming their commitment to Dr Long’s crucial mission, the community aims to address the divisive issues that have come to the forefront in recent times. Their collective message is one of tolerance and understanding, promoting an atmosphere where diverse beliefs and practices can coexist harmoniously in the vibrant tapestry of Limerick’s social fabric.

In a unanimous vote of confidence, the attendees at the meeting expressed their unwavering support for Dr Long and his work with the Irish Church Missions. This resounding endorsement serves as a testament to the importance of his mission in providing healthcare to those who are most vulnerable, irrespective of their religious affiliations, and the community’s determination to protect and uphold his vital contributions against the challenges posed by the ongoing controversy.

Belfast News-Letter – Wednesday 26 June 1901

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