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Community Unites in Support of Dr Long Amid Hostilities in Limerick – Limerick Gazette

Community Unites in Support of Dr Long Amid Hostilities in Limerick

A meeting was held to discuss the treatment of Dr Long in Limerick, where he was attacked by mobs led by priest Rev. Mr O’Leary. Members at the meeting, packed with Dr Long’s supporters, condemned the conduct of Mr Hickson, the Resident Magistrate, for recommending the boycotting of Dr Long at a petty session. The actions of the local police county inspector, who threatened to restrict Dr Long’s movements, were also criticized. Dr Long, a medical missionary who provided aid to the poor, has been targeted for allegedly forcing his beliefs on the patients he treats, which he denies. The meeting ended with a unanimous vote of confidence in Dr Long and his work with the Irish Church Missions, reaffirming their support to uphold him against the aggressive actions of the Roman Catholic clergy.

In light of the recent hostilities faced by Dr Long and his work in Limerick, the community came together in a show of strength and unity to support his efforts and condemn the troubling actions of the Roman Catholic clergy, particularly Rev. Mr O’Leary, and the local authorities. Many speakers highlighted Dr Long’s dedication to providing medical care to those in need, as well as respecting the patients and their beliefs while doing his work. By standing together and reaffirming their commitment to Dr Long’s important mission, the community hopes to overcome the divisive issues and promote an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding for diverse beliefs and practices.

Belfast News-Letter – Wednesday 26 June 1901