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Controversial Proposal To Curb Limerick Riots: The "Cat" As A Solution? | Limerick Gazette Archives

Controversial Proposal To Curb Limerick Riots: The “Cat” As A Solution?

In the midst of the ongoing surge of riotous disturbances in Limerick, a controversial proposal by Mr H. Mac Coll has caused a heated debate among the city’s citizens. Mac Coll’s letter, published in the Belfast News-Letter, suggests the use of a “cat,” a form of corporal punishment, as a means to suppress the unrest that has been plaguing the city.

Critics argue that introducing such a method is a step backwards in our civilized society. They maintain that corporal punishment should be relegated to history, with more progressive forms of discipline, such as public opinion and social pressure, taking its place. They firmly believe in the power of societal disapproval and the responsibility of all members of the community to keep the peace.

Proponents of labour societies emphasize that a majority of their constituents are peaceful and law-abiding citizens, who can exert influence on their peers to mitigate violent behaviours. By leveraging the force of disapproval, these supporters argue that they can more effectively discourage any potential disruptions.

Detractors of Mac Coll’s proposal express concern regarding the indiscriminate nature of the “cat” – pointing out that innocent or less-guilty individuals may face harsher punishment compared to the most guilty offenders, who might go untouched.

As the debate continues, some propose additional measures to quell the unrest, such as the prohibition of unrelated processions, which are viewed as triggering factors for riots. By eliminating such causes for discord, Belfast may yet reach a more peaceful and stable state.

The city now eagerly awaits the decision of authorities and the potential implications of implementing such a controversial solution in their ongoing struggle against riotous disturbances.

Belfast News-Letter – Tuesday 18 June 1901