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County Limerick Plagued by Nationalist Terrorism and Property Disputes – Limerick Gazette

County Limerick Plagued by Nationalist Terrorism and Property Disputes

In County Limerick, the area is troubled by an alarming surge in nationalist terrorism. Mr Robert Conway, who owns a farm at Kenmare, reports that after reducing rent prices for two tenants, these tenants refused to pay any rent and were evicted in 1886. Following this, Mr Conway experienced a series of malicious incidents on his farm, including the theft and injury of cattle.

His son, Arthur Conway, later took residence at the farm and paid rent to Mr Conway. However, damages and thefts continued to plague the property. In one case, a former evicted tenant’s son was convicted for stealing cattle and sentenced to six months’ imprisonment.

Arthur Conway’s recent attempt to tenant-right has been met with boycotts and vehemently opposed by local priests and members of Parliament. Furthermore, incidents of vandalism continue, including stolen farm equipment and more injured cattle.

This unsettling wave of terrorism in County Limerick highlights the increasing tension between nationalists and property owners in the area. With no clear resolution in sight, one can only wonder how long this unrest will persist and what the consequences will be for the community.

Belfast News-Letter – Friday 05 July 1901