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Exposing Dr Long's Alleged Dishonesty and Addressing Local Limerick Issues |

Exposing Dr Long’s Alleged Dishonesty and Addressing Local Limerick Issues

A report from Limerick contains important information about Dr Long’s doings and his alleged dishonesty. Dr Long states that he did not offer any material aid to Catholics as an inducement for them to change their religion. However, the writer of the letter claims to have proof that Dr Long did give material assistance in converting them to Protestantism. Dr Long also claims that he never visits Catholic houses as a medical practitioner unless a friend of the sick person calls for him. The writer can also prove that Dr Long did call unasked, to Catholics’ homes, causing consternation among them.

The report expresses displeasure with Rev. Mr Robertson, a Protestant Rector of Limerick, who is believed to be one of those religious leaders who promote Christian charity by reopening old wounds. The report accuses Rev. Mr Robertson of siding with those who deliberately insult the Catholics and adds that Protestant clergymen who refrain from such acts are treated with respect. Recently, the Protestant Bishop of Limerick, Dr Bunbury, praised the fair-mindedness of Catholics, and Rev. S.R. Maxwell wrote in the “Freeman” against Rev. Mr Robertson’s attempts to emphasize the differences between religious groups.

In discussing the increase in local taxation, the report notes that city rates have risen, leading to disagreements and unhappy citizens. The Cleansing Department’s expenses doubled from 1887 to 1900, showing a lack of efficiency in the city’s upkeep. The report also criticizes the City Fathers for wasting time discussing irrelevant matters and delaying important decision-making.

In discussing the quality of education at Laurel Hill School, the report praises the musical and elocutionary performances of its pupils, as well as their proficiency in French and classical languages. The Limerick Horse Show also receives praise for its wider scope and increase in entries.

The report also discusses the vital importance of addressing the issue of high railway rates, negatively affecting the country’s industries and making it difficult for producers to compete with other countries.

In religious affairs, the report reminds readers of the annual collection for the Pope on June 30th, encouraging generosity from the faithful. The United Irish League, in its effort to reorganize a branch in Ahane, is mentioned, as well as the upcoming meeting for the city branch.

Lastly, the report corrects misinformation about the band performances at the Lakeside Hotel in Killaloe, clarifying that there is only a small admission fee and that the performances have been organized for the amusement of visitors.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 29 June 1901

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