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Lightning Strikes During Irish Manoeuvres: Eight Soldiers Suffer Direct Hits, Entire Battalion Affected – Limerick Gazette

Lightning Strikes During Irish Manoeuvres: Eight Soldiers Suffer Direct Hits, Entire Battalion Affected

In an unprecedented event, eight cases of lightning stroke were reported when a regiment marched from Limerick to participate in the Irish manoeuvres. This tragic incident greatly impacted the morale and physical well-being of the soldiers, as practically the whole battalion is said to have suffered from the effects of the lightning.

It was a fateful day, as the Irish skies unleashed their intense fury upon the unsuspecting soldiers. The march started in the bustling city of Limerick, nestled along the mighty River Shannon. Little did the soldiers know then that they would become the unwilling participants in a dramatic display of nature’s strength as they made their way to the manoeuvres. The exercise aimed to provide the soldiers with valuable training and experience while showcasing their discipline and camaraderie, but instead, it became a struggle for survival.

Caught off-guard by the sudden tragedy, the soldiers looked on helplessly as their comrades were struck down by the powerful bolts of lightning. The electrical discharge, emitted with an intensity hundreds of times hotter than the sun, seared through their skin and permeated their muscles. The unfortunate soldiers that bore the brunt of the attack experienced burns, heart issues, and even temporary paralysis.

Equally affected were those who escaped direct contact with the bolts. They had to bear witness to the harrowing scene that unfolded in front of them. Many experienced symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and shock as the terrifying electrical storm raged on.

The Irish manoeuvres turned into a bitter memory for the battalion, decidedly different from the intended goals of the exercise. The ordeal demonstrated the inherent danger in disregarding nature and some of its unpredictable events. It serves as a reminder that even the strongest and most disciplined soldiers may, at times, be no match for the unparalleled force of nature.

This daunting experience proved just how interconnected the forces of nature and human life truly are. And while the soldiers may have initially set out to showcase their strength and skill, they were instead humbled by the raw power of nature and left with a deep understanding of their vulnerability.

Western Daily Press – Thursday 06 June 1901