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Lurgan District Black Chapter Raises Concerns Over Protection of Protestants in Limerick | Limerick Gazette Archives

Lurgan District Black Chapter Raises Concerns Over Protection of Protestants in Limerick

Lurgan, Ireland – At a recent meeting of the Lurgan District Black Chapter, attendees gathered to express their deep concerns regarding the perceived failure of the Irish Executive to protect Protestant residents in Limerick and effectively enforce the law against mobs and Roman Catholic priests. The meeting resulted in a unanimous decision to adopt and submit a statement to several prominent political figures, where they decried what they see as discriminatory actions by the current government in appeasing enemies of the Crown and Empire.

The statement issued by the Lurgan District Black Chapter underscores the profound discontent among its members regarding the treatment of Protestants in Limerick and beyond. It calls for greater vigilance in protecting the rights and safety of Protestant residents and emphasizes the need for the Irish Executive to take more decisive action to maintain law and order.

Furthermore, the statement implores Loyalist representatives of Ireland and the Loyalist Press to expose what the group views as tactics employed throughout the kingdom to undermine the interests of Protestant communities. The meeting attendees firmly believe that shedding light on these issues is crucial to ensuring the continued well-being and security of Protestant residents in Ireland.

The gathering in Lurgan echoes recent discussions held at the annual meeting of the Society of Friends in Limerick, where concerns about ongoing tensions and persecution experienced by Protestants were prominently featured. These discussions reflect the prevailing sentiment among some segments of the population, underscoring the need for open dialogue and efforts to address the concerns and fears of Protestant communities.

The issues raised by the Lurgan District Black Chapter and the broader discussions within Protestant communities highlight the complexity of inter-community relations in Ireland. As these concerns continue to be voiced, it becomes increasingly important for all parties to engage in constructive dialogue and seek solutions that promote peace, harmony, and inclusivity for all residents, regardless of their religious backgrounds.

Belfast News-Letter – Saturday 22 June 1901