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Protestants in Limerick Seek Fair Representation: A Plea for Equal Attention to Issues of Persecution – Limerick Gazette

Protestants in Limerick Seek Fair Representation: A Plea for Equal Attention to Issues of Persecution

This impassioned letter to the editor expresses the author’s concerns about the apparent neglect of the Protestant community’s issues by their respective members of Parliament. Citing recent instances of persecution faced by Protestants in Limerick, the author questions whether society has grown indifferent to Protestant interests. The letter urges for a more balanced approach by authorities and for the Parliament to pay attention to the injustices faced by people of all religious affiliations in order to ensure justice and equality for all members of society.

June 19, 1901

Persecution in Limerick: A Plea for Justice and Equality

Dear Editor,

In light of recent events unfolding in Limerick, I cannot help but express my deep concern for the state of our society. It seems that while the persecution of Roman Catholics receives attention from Nationalist members of Parliament, the plight of the Protestant community remains largely neglected.

The recent attack on a Protestant family in Limerick, as reported by the Belfast News-Letter, should have sent shockwaves through Parliament. However, no notable Protestant member has deemed it necessary to raise their voice on this pressing issue.

Furthermore, the treatment meted out to a Protestant gentleman subjected to harassment and insult by Roman priests and their followers, vindicated by partisan magistrates, is nothing short of alarming. Why has Judge O’Brien’s openly biased critique of the Irish Church Missions not been acknowledged in Parliament?

One cannot help but question whether we have grown indifferent to the interests of Protestants in our land, allowing atrocities to occur unchecked. It becomes incumbent upon us to ensure that the interests of all communities are protected and that justice and equality prevail.

Yours sincerely,

Belfast News-Letter – Saturday 15 June 1901