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Dublin Grand Orange Lodge Raises Concerns Over Police Behaviour and Calls for Protections in Limerick | Limerick Gazette Archives

Dublin Grand Orange Lodge Raises Concerns Over Police Behaviour and Calls for Protections in Limerick

Dublin, Ireland – The Grand Orange Lodge of Dublin, representing the Orangemen of the city, has taken a strong stance against what they deem reprehensible behaviour by police officers in Limerick concerning the recent attacks on Dr Long and his patients. In a significant resolution passed by the Lodge, the Orangemen expressed their unwavering determination to protect the Protestant community in Limerick if the Crown failed to provide appropriate protection.

The concerns raised by the Lodge centre on allegations of bias within the police force and the role of Resident Magistrate Mr Hickson. It is claimed that Mr Hickson openly advised a boycott of Dr Long while allowing a Roman Catholic priest to deliver a lecture from the bench of magistrates without any hindrance. These perceived transgressions have sparked outrage within the Dublin Grand Orange Lodge.

The resolution passed by the Lodge highlights the escalating tension between Roman Catholics and Protestants in Limerick and reflects growing apprehension within the Protestant community. In response to these concerns, the Dublin Grand Orange Lodge has called upon the Lord Lieutenant and the Government to dismiss Mr Hickson from his position, citing a loss of faith in his impartiality.

This resolution, a poignant indicator of the simmering tensions in Limerick, has been forwarded to the Grand Lodge of Ireland, members of the Government, and Irish Unionist members of Parliament. The Orangemen of Dublin are urging these authorities to take immediate action to address the situation and restore a sense of security and justice for the Protestant community in Limerick.

The situation in Limerick is one that requires careful attention and resolution, as it underscores the need for impartiality, fairness, and protection for all residents, regardless of their religious affiliations. The Grand Orange Lodge of Dublin’s call for action serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding these principles in the pursuit of a harmonious and just society.

Belfast News-Letter – Saturday 15 June 1901