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Book Review: "Dauntless" by Ewan Martin |

Book Review: “Dauntless” by Ewan Martin

“Dauntless” (1901) is an enthralling saga that follows the life of Harry Dauntless, a member of an ancient yet declining Irish family, during the tumultuous period of the Cromwellian campaign in Ireland. Although lengthy, Martin’s skilful storytelling keeps the reader captivated throughout the novel.

The story begins with Harry’s father, Walter Dauntless, who wastes his life in gambling and other vices in London. After his tragic death, Harry’s mother returns to her native Ireland, taking Harry to their family estate in the Dublin mountains. Harry grows up to be a dedicated supporter of Charles Stuart and joins the Confederation of Kilkenny.

During his time with the Royalist forces, Harry falls in love with the beautiful Aileen MacMahon. However, a slanderer intervenes, complicating their relationship and forcing them apart. Harry subsequently faces numerous thrilling adventures and hardships in his efforts to reunite with Aileen.

Despite his unwavering loyalty to Charles Stuart, Harry is eventually captured by Cromwell’s forces and ordered to be executed. By a twist of fate, he is released and continues his battle for the Royalist cause, culminating in his capture at the fall of Limerick and another impending death sentence. Fortuitously, circumstances transpire to secure his freedom once again, allowing him to clear up the misunderstanding with Aileen and ultimately retire with her to their peaceful home in the Dublin mountains.

“Dauntless” presents a vivid and compelling portrayal of a turbulent time in Irish history, shedding light on the struggles, loyalties, and passions of the era. Martin masterfully weaves an intricate tale full of romance, adventure, and historical depth, ensuring that this novel will long be remembered by those who are captivated by Ireland’s rich and fascinating past.

Dundee Courier – Wednesday 02 October 1901

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