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Extraordinary Scene Unfolds in Limerick as Jarveys Refuse to Drive Dr Long |

Extraordinary Scene Unfolds in Limerick as Jarveys Refuse to Drive Dr Long

LIMERICK, IRELAND – An unusual and somewhat comical scene unfolded in George Street, Limerick, recently, involving Dr Long, who had just returned to town following a brief vacation. The incident, which transpired on a Saturday around 12:30 p.m., drew a sizable crowd and left many bewildered onlookers in stitches.

Dr Long’s adventure began when he attempted to board a horse-drawn car at the corner of William Street. However, to his surprise, the Jarvey (driver) flatly refused to take him on board. Unperturbed by the driver’s refusal, Dr Long decided to stay put inside the carriage, setting the stage for a most unusual standoff.

As the minutes ticked by, and with Dr Long steadfastly refusing to budge from the carriage, the jarvey enlisted the help of another bystander. Together, they unyoked the horse and placed the shafts of the carriage on the ground, rendering it immobile. The spectacle quickly attracted a curious and amused crowd, who couldn’t help but burst into laughter and jeers at the unfolding scene.

Despite the laughter and taunts from the growing crowd, Dr Long remained resolute inside the stationary car. In a bid to get him out, the jarvey decided to take a rather drastic measure. He tipped the carriage into an awkward and angular position, hoping to force Dr Long’s hand. Eventually, Dr Long had no choice but to disembark and proceed up the street.

Accompanied by a contingent of eight or nine policemen, Dr Long made his way towards the National Bank corner, where he tried his luck with another horse-drawn car. However, history repeated itself as the jarvey once again refused to move the vehicle with Dr Long on board. Undeterred, Dr Long spent an additional ten to fifteen minutes inside the carriage before finally giving up and seeking yet another ride.

Approaching a third jarvey, Dr Long’s hopes were dashed once more when the driver promptly whipped his horse into action and sped away at the mere sight of the determined passenger. It seemed that the jarveys of Limerick had unanimously decided not to transport Dr Long that day.

Resigned to his fate, Dr Long abandoned the quest for a horse-drawn carriage and decided to continue his journey to the military road on foot. As he made his way through the city streets, the crowd that had gathered earlier slowly dispersed, their laughter and jeers gradually fading into the background.

In the aftermath of this curious incident, the local police took down the names of the jarveys involved. The first jarvey, who initially refused to transport Dr Long, defended his stance by citing the hackney car regulations. According to these regulations, jarveys were not obligated to transport any individual if doing so posed a potential danger.

In the end, what began as a routine attempt to secure transportation in Limerick turned into a bizarre and memorable episode. Dr Long’s futile attempts to secure a ride left many scratching their heads and served as a source of amusement for the city’s residents. The peculiar incident underscores the unpredictable nature of daily life in Limerick, where even a simple journey can take an unexpected turn.

Belfast News-Letter – Monday 12 August 1901

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