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Irishmen Gather in Manchester for United Irish League Meeting – Limerick Gazette

Irishmen Gather in Manchester for United Irish League Meeting

A well-attended meeting of the United Irish League was held at St. Patrick’s Hall, Rochdale Road, with Alderman and Councillor Joyce of Limerick as the principal speaker. The chair was occupied by Alderman Boyle and was supported by the Irish party. The event successfully fostered unity and enthusiasm among the attendees.

A resolution in favor of the United Irish League was proposed by Mr McCabe and was carried with great enthusiasm by Mr V. O’Connor. Alderman Joyce recounted his own political fight, assuring listeners that even though he faced stern Nationalists, he ultimately succeeded in placing Irish interest at the forefront.

He elaborated on the growth of the Irish National League, which started with a network of branches and spread across Great Britain. This League, Joyce believed, eventually became a party of representative men who worked for Irish interests in the British Parliament. Alongside their fellow countrymen, these representatives would relentlessly push for autonomy in Ireland, using unity as their strongest weapon.

In his closing remarks, the Alderman stressed the importance of Irishmen unifying and working together until they gain the right to govern their own land. The meeting concluded with the passing of several votes, reflecting the spirit of unity and determination among Irishmen present at the event.

Manchester Courier – Tuesday 26 November 1901