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Limerick Cross-Country Chase Leads to Capturing Boer Laager – Limerick Gazette

Limerick Cross-Country Chase Leads to Capturing Boer Laager

In a thrilling cross-country chase, a group of Limerick soldiers overcame rugged terrain, bogs, stone walls, and other obstacles as they pursued a Boer laager. The leaders directed their troops to provide cover fire while some charged into the laager and others chased down fleeing enemies.

As the day unfolded and visibility improved, the triumphant forces discovered an assortment of captured goods, including wagons, Cape carts, oxen, horses, and sheep. The morning’s successful operation resulted in the capture of 54 prisoners of war, 45 rifles, 1500 rounds of small arms ammunition, numerous vehicles, women and children, 36 mules, an additional number of horses, and 500 sheep.

The soldiers, numbering around 900, did not regret the hardships they endured to achieve this victory. Colonel Benson, known for his charismatic personality, walked among the troops, offering words of encouragement and gratitude. His presence and leadership inspired the men, who were willing to endure even more for their beloved colonel and their country.

Dundee Evening Telegraph – Monday 04 November 1901