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Limerick Soldiers Triumph in Bold Pursuit of Boer Laager | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick Soldiers Triumph in Bold Pursuit of Boer Laager

In a pulse-pounding cross-country pursuit reminiscent of tales of old, a band of Limerick soldiers exhibited unwavering determination as they overcame rugged terrain, treacherous bogs, formidable stone walls, and various other obstacles in their relentless chase of a Boer laager. Guided by steadfast leaders, these valiant troops executed a meticulously orchestrated operation, with some providing vital cover fire, others daringly charging into the heart of the laager, and a resolute few gallantly pursuing fleeing adversaries.

As the day unfurled and visibility improved, the triumphant forces were met with a staggering array of captured spoils. Among the treasures retrieved from the clutches of the enemy were wagons, Cape carts, robust oxen, sturdy horses, and a multitude of sheep. The morning’s audacious triumph bore fruit in the form of 54 prisoners of war, 45 rifles, an impressive cache of 1500 rounds of small arms ammunition, numerous vehicles, as well as the unexpected presence of women and children. To further bolster their newfound wealth, the soldiers also laid claim to 36 mules, an additional number of steeds, and an impressive haul of 500 sheep.

Despite the gruelling hardships endured along the way, these soldiers, a formidable force numbering approximately 900 strong, harboured no regrets. Their spirits remained unbroken, fueled by a fierce dedication to their mission and an unyielding love for their homeland. Colonel Benson, renowned for his charismatic persona and unwavering commitment, walked among his troops, offering not only words of encouragement but heartfelt gratitude. His presence was akin to a beacon of inspiration, driving the men to persevere through the trials they faced, reinforcing their loyalty to both their beloved colonel and the country they served with such unwavering devotion.

Dundee Evening Telegraph – Monday 04 November 1901