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Miss Victoria Delany: Limerick’s Childhood Music Prodigy – Limerick Gazette

Miss Victoria Delany: Limerick’s Childhood Music Prodigy

Born in the city of Limerick, Miss Victoria Delany has grown up surrounded by the rich musical culture, with the city having a long history of producing talented artists, including herself. Hailing from a large family of thirteen siblings, Victoria’s musical journey began at a very young age. Inspired by one of her elder brothers, who used to play the violin, she started experimenting with the instrument by herself, eventually discovering her innate musical talent.

Under the tutelage of Mr Stanislaus Elliot, a renowned music professor in Limerick, young Victoria made remarkable progress in mastering the violin while also honing her skills on the piano and deepening her understanding of music theory. Her first successful performance of “Home, Sweet Home” at a local concert in Limerick’s Theatre Royal was met with enthusiastic applause, igniting her passion for continuing her musical journey further.

Relocating to Dublin, Victoria joined the Royal Irish Academy of Music, where she studied under various distinguished professors, including Herr Lauer, Monsieur Oriont, Mr John Duane, and Signor Papiui. In 1893, she won the Academy’s prestigious violin playing scholarship, followed by the Vandeleur in 1894. As her free tuition came to an end, Victoria turned her talents towards teaching, rapidly rising through the ranks of the Academy.

Miss Victoria Delany’s story serves as an inspiring testament to Limerick’s musical heritage and the impact of a nurturing environment on a young artist’s growth and success.

Weekly Irish Times – Saturday 26 October 1901