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“Bee Stings Result in Bizarre Personal Injury Case in Ireland” – Limerick Gazette

“Bee Stings Result in Bizarre Personal Injury Case in Ireland”

In an extraordinary turn of events, a case involving personal injuries caused by bee stings has reached the King’s Bench No. 2, presided over by Mr Justice Gibson, Mr Justice Boyd, and Mr Justice Wright. The plaintiff, O’Gorman, filed suit against the defendant (also O’Gorman) and another individual, alleging that their bees attacked the plaintiff’s horse, causing it to run off and ultimately injure the plaintiff.

Mr Phelps acted on behalf of the defendant, applying to remit the case to the County Court Judge of Clare for trial. On the other side, Mr P. Lynch, representing the plaintiff, contended that the case should be tried in Limerick. He claimed that due to the accident, the plaintiff was suffering from spinal disease and would be a cripple for life.

The case originally centered around an incident near Corofin, where two houses kept bees. When the defendants were taking honey from their bees, the plaintiff and another individual approached in a cart despite being warned not to. Consequently, the bees allegedly attacked the horse, causing the ensuing chaos and injury to the plaintiff.

The court ultimately decided to change the venue to Ennis, marking a unique case in the realms of personal injury and liability.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Monday 27 January 1902