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“Limerick Elects New Mayor and Sheriffs Amid Controversy; Carpenters’ Strike Settles, and Local Events Gain Momentum” – Limerick Gazette

“Limerick Elects New Mayor and Sheriffs Amid Controversy; Carpenters’ Strike Settles, and Local Events Gain Momentum”

In recent Limerick news, Mr J.F. Barry was elected as the city’s new mayor, securing a majority of 24 votes against Mr Donnelly’s 14. Barry vowed to keep the trust of his supporters during his tenure. The compelling election saw a wide range of debates and discussions, highlighting the intricacies of Limerick’s political landscape.

The Shrievalty saw Mr Vincent Nash as the elected candidate, though with the understanding that he would not participate in loyal demonstrations. This decision was based on his nomination by a Nationalist Corporation, which would not support such acts.

As Limerick reshaped its political scene, the city’s businesses experienced changing work conditions. The new Corporation sought to hold sittings during the day, with employers expected to allow their employees who held council positions to attend these meetings once a fortnight. This shift aimed to ensure a more efficient and focused approach to municipal affairs.

A motion is set to be discussed to implement annual elections, dividing the council members by the number of votes received. This method aims to ensure fair elections and a constant cycle of fresh representatives.

The long-standing carpenters’ strike in Limerick reached a settlement, with employers conceding to the demands of the workers, including a wage of 32s 8d per week. This resolution serves as a testament to the perseverance of the workers in their pursuit of fair and equitable working conditions.

In other local news, the upcoming performance of “Dandy Dick” at the Theatre Royal on January 31 and February 1 will see proceeds donated to Barrington’s Hospital. The talented local amateur performers aim to raise funds for this impressive institution.

The County Limerick Club’s organization of a second meeting at Clonanna for a coursing event is expected to receive strong support from greyhound owners. The event will be held on January 28 and 29, welcoming participants from further afield.

The Third Order of St. Francis will begin its annual retreat at the Church of Mary Immaculate in Henry Street, attracting a faithful congregation.

Finally, returning home to Limerick, Mr J.J. Nunan received a heartfelt send-off as Chief Judicial Officer in Central Africa. The event was held at the Chamber of Commerce, where many prominent figures wished Mr Nunan well on his journey home.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 25 January 1902