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The Unknown Story of Aubrey de Vere – Limerick Gazette

The Unknown Story of Aubrey de Vere

Aubrey de Vere was a prominent Irish poet who, despite not adhering to the traditional Gaelic spirit, managed to capture the essence of Irish culture and history in his works. As a member of the Wordsworthian school of English literature, de Vere was vastly influenced by the Romantic style, which celebrated the connection between nature and human emotions.

Having graduated from Dublin University, de Vere fostered strong relationships with notable intellectuals, such as renowned mathematician and astronomer, Sir William Hamilton. His friendships were pivotal in shaping the direction of his career and his approach to poetry. However, it was his interest in and identification with the Catholic Church that led him to be part of a group of Limerick gentlemen who were deeply invested in Catholicism during the 1840s.

In his commitment to promote Catholicism, de Vere collaborated with John Henry Newman to establish a university in Ireland that would represent the religious beliefs and cultural inclinations of the Irish people. This venture was supported by influential Irish literary figures including Denis Florence McCarthy and John O’Hagan, who shared de Vere’s passion for celebrating Irish history and values.

De Vere’s poetic works were deeply inspired by Catholicism, Irish history, and philosophy. His creations on the lives of the saints were some of his most well-known contributions to literature. Throughout his career, de Vere held a unique position, leaving his name etched in the annals of Irish and Catholic literature.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 21 January 1902