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United Irish Parliamentary Fund Seeks Continuous Support for National Cause | Limerick Gazette Archives

United Irish Parliamentary Fund Seeks Continuous Support for National Cause

The Trustees of the United Irish Parliamentary Fund have recently issued a moving appeal to the Irish community, urging them to continue their financial support of the Irish Parliamentary Party’s efforts in the British Parliament. The appeal comes at a critical time, just as a new session of Parliament is set to convene, with vital political implications for all three Kingdoms – England, Wales, and Ireland.

Last year, the Irish community responded generously and promptly to a similar call, enabling the party to make its presence felt significantly in the British Parliament. The results of the support have been clear, with the Irish National Cause receiving unprecedented attention and garnering resources to transform the political landscape. This success was made possible due to the continuous and strenuous efforts of the Irish Nationalist representatives who cheered the cause through their active participation in parliamentary sessions.

In their appeal, the Trustees remind the Irish community of their substantial contributions towards this success, expressing gratitude for their generosity and emphasizing the need for ongoing support. They argue that the best evidence of the Irish Parliamentary Party’s efficacy is found in the attacks made against it by its enemies in Great Britain over the past year. They also stress that while the achievements of a few key members may have dominated the headlines, it has been the tireless work of the entire party that has truly made a difference.

As a new session of Parliament is set to begin, fresh opportunities for effective action will arise, giving the Irish Parliamentary Party a chance to further the National Cause. However, the Trustees emphasize that their party’s ability to take full advantage of these opportunities will depend on the continued financial support from the Irish community. Without such backing, the party’s representation and influence in the Parliament will be severely limited, and its efforts towards the National Cause may falter.

The appeal, therefore, calls on the Irish community to take immediate steps to provide the necessary funding for the United Irish Parliamentary Party to effectively represent and promote the National Cause in the upcoming parliamentary session. It also highlights the profound sense of responsibility that the supporters should feel towards ensuring that their representatives remain potent and productive within the British political arena.

The sincerity and urgency of the appeal should resonate with the Irish community, reinforcing their determination to aid the efforts of their representatives during this crucial parliamentary session. In turn, this should help to bolster the Irish Parliamentary Party’s ability to fight for the National Cause, making certain that its influence is not diminished by a lack of financial resources.

With a new session fast approaching, the Trustees’ appeal serves as a timely and necessary reminder that the Irish community’s support is invaluable in this ongoing endeavour. The Irish must remain vigilant and committed. Only through sustained and united action can the United Irish Parliamentary Party hope to achieve their vision of a National Cause that unites and strengthens the people of Ireland, while simultaneously shaping the future of the British political landscape.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Wednesday 15 January 1902