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Venue Change Granted in Bee Attack Lawsuit: Limerick to Host Trial |

Venue Change Granted in Bee Attack Lawsuit: Limerick to Host Trial

In a legal battle centered around an unfortunate bee attack, the High Court has granted an appeal to change the trial venue from Dublin to the city of Limerick. The case involves a dispute between the plaintiff, Patrick Gorman, and the defendants, Peter and Michael O’Gorman, over a bee-related incident that led to personal injuries and medical expenses.

Patrick Gorman, hailing from County Clare, alleged that the O’Gorman brothers, fellow farmers from the same region, were negligent and wrongful in maintaining a dangerous swarm of bees on their land. According to Gorman’s claims, these bees viciously attacked him and his horse, resulting in severe injuries and substantial medical bills. The defendants, in their defence, asserted contributory negligence on Gorman’s part, contending that he had recklessly brought his horse too close to the agitated bees, thus provoking the incident.

The initial order from the King’s Bench Division dictated that the trial should take place in Dublin. However, Gorman appealed this decision, seeking to change the venue to Limerick instead. The appeal was heard before Mr Rushe, K.C., and Mr P. Lynch, representing the plaintiff, while Mr Brereton Barry, K.C., and Mr Phelps, represented the defendants.

Both sides argued passionately, contending that their respective parties held substantial influence within County Clare, rendering it difficult to ensure a fair and unbiased trial. With these concerns in mind, the legal teams presented their case for a change in venue to Limerick.

After careful consideration, Lord FitzGibbon delivered the ruling in favour of changing the trial location to Limerick. He emphasized that Limerick would provide a more neutral ground, reducing the potential for local bias and that it was better equipped to accommodate the jurors and all parties involved in the proceedings. The ruling not only changed the venue but also left the determination of costs for the forthcoming trial.

As this legal saga continues, the move to Limerick ensures that the case will be heard on more impartial terrain, affording both the plaintiff and the defendants a fair and equitable chance to present their arguments in the courtroom. The outcome of the trial will ultimately determine the resolution of this bee-related dispute, with justice taking its course in the vibrant city of Limerick.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Thursday 13 February 1902

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