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Rescuing Limerick’s Muddy Streets – Limerick Gazette

Rescuing Limerick’s Muddy Streets

The project to rescue Limerick from the reign of muddy streets has reached a critical point. The Committee appointed by the Corporation met yesterday and presented two additional proposals to the public, in addition to the two already in circulation. The first proposal suggests paving 100,000 square yards, approximately half of the streets, for a cost of £60,000. The Corporation would contribute £1,500 per year towards the capital expenditure and four percent interest on the remaining balance. The second proposal aims to macadamize all the streets at a cost of £5,500 per annum for 15 years.

To summarize, there are now two paving proposals and two macadamizing proposals under consideration. One of the macadamizing proposals suggests using hard, broken stones instead of the soft rubble that currently contributes to the muddy conditions of the streets. This option would cost £7,000 per year and involve laying four to six inches of proper metalling on all the streets. The proposal offers a more reasonable price and provides evidence that Mr Nevins is not seeking excessive profits from the contract. The advantages of this scheme include an annual saving of £1,500, proper cleansing of the streets not under repair, and the eventual complete metalling of all streets within the next 15 years. With proper oversight, this proposal should receive strong support in the Council, despite any attempts to maintain the current disgraceful state of affairs through political maneuvering. Meanwhile, the cleansing staff is seen working diligently, demonstrating that with focused effort, the streets could have been passable instead of the quagmires they have been for the past three years.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 08 February 1902