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Limerick's St. Michael's Women's Total Abstinence Sodality Enjoys Enchanting Magic Lantern Lecture by Mr Robert Gibson | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick’s St. Michael’s Women’s Total Abstinence Sodality Enjoys Enchanting Magic Lantern Lecture by Mr Robert Gibson

Limerick, Ireland – The illustrious St. Michael’s Women’s Total Abstinence Sodality recently hosted a mesmerizing evening, featuring a magical lantern lecture by the esteemed Mr Robert Gibson. The event, held within the opulent confines of St. Ita’s House, played host to a captivated audience who gathered to behold a spellbinding array of picturesque views from various European locales.

The evening’s proceedings were a resounding success, as Mr Gibson skillfully transported attendees on a visual journey across the enchanting landscapes of Europe. The allure of these splendid views was so profound that, regrettably, the spacious drawing rooms of St. Ita’s House could accommodate only half of the eager and enthusiastic audience. This limitation shed light on a long-discussed initiative, one that has been subtly hinted at in this very column – the construction of a dedicated hall on the available grounds behind St. Ita’s House.

Such a proposed hall, if realized, would prove invaluable not only for religious activities but also as a versatile venue for hosting a wide range of events, including concerts and gatherings. This addition would undoubtedly foster a stronger sense of unity among the esteemed members of St. Michael’s Women’s Total Abstinence Sodality, particularly during the evening hours when camaraderie and shared experiences are most cherished.

The devoted followers of temperance, irrespective of their creed, have had the privilege of witnessing the remarkable efforts spearheaded by Father Cregan and the diligent Committee. Their unwavering dedication to the noble cause of abstinence and moral upliftment has earned them admiration and respect throughout the community. Now, as the idea of constructing a multifunctional hall gains momentum, it is incumbent upon all friends of temperance to step forward, not just promptly but also generously, to contribute funds for this much-needed expansion of St. Ita’s House.

The potential benefits of such a venture are indeed manifold, promising to enrich the spiritual, cultural, and social fabric of Limerick. As the pages of history continue to unfurl, the legacy of St. Michael’s Women’s Total Abstinence Sodality remains an indelible mark on the city, and the prospect of a new hall behind St. Ita’s House stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to progress and community cohesion.

In this spirit of unity and progress, we call upon all those who share in the vision of enhancing Limerick’s cultural and spiritual tapestry to contribute generously to this noble cause. Together, we can bring to life the dream of a vibrant, multifunctional hall that will serve as a beacon of inspiration and a hub of community activities for generations to come.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 08 February 1902