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Alleged Moonlighting Incident Results in Arrests – Limerick Gazette

Alleged Moonlighting Incident Results in Arrests

At a special court in Kilrush, two young men from the farming class, named Crawley and Eustace, were charged with firing a gunshot into the house of a woman named Mclnerney in Dysart. Mclnerney had bought a car of hay from a farmer, Cunningham, who had been censured by local branches of the United Irish League for retaining an evicted farm. The police, in ambush near the Mclnerney house, heard two horsemen gallop towards them, and one of the men fired the gunshot into the house. The police tried to stop the riders, but they managed to escape. Crawley was later arrested, and his house and stable were searched; police found a gun matching the description of the one used in the incident. Crawley and Eustace were remanded until next Thursday and removed to Limerick Gaol.

Coventry Evening Telegraph – Saturday 15 March 1902