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"Late Justice James Murphy: A Legal Luminary's Unconventional Start in Limerick" |

“Late Justice James Murphy: A Legal Luminary’s Unconventional Start in Limerick”

LIMERICK, IRELAND – The late Justice James Murphy, a legal luminary who left an indelible mark on the Irish Bar, embarked on his remarkable legal career with an unconventional and humorous tale to tell. Born in 1823, he was called to the Irish Bar at the tender age of 23 in 1846, although it wasn’t until 1851 that he officially began practising law. Murphy’s journey unfolded in the legal hub of Munster, Limerick city and county, renowned for its skilled and eloquent legal practitioners.

One amusing incident from his early career became a cherished anecdote that he often recounted. After successfully handling a case in the courtroom, Murphy found himself the object of attention from a large and burly Limerick farmer. The farmer, impressed by the young solicitor’s courtroom prowess, sought to employ a “Counsellor for his case.” However, not knowing Murphy’s name but deeply impressed by his performance, the farmer pointed towards the talented lawyer and exclaimed, “Employ that yellow-skinned little devil who has just sat down.”

In a twist of fate, the farmer’s decision to select Murphy proved to be far from disappointing. The young lawyer, despite the unconventional introduction, continued to astound in the courtroom, swiftly establishing a reputation for legal acumen and eloquence. His career soon soared, leading to an illustrious journey in the field of law.

This charming anecdote, which offers a glimpse into the early days of Justice James Murphy’s legal career, finds a place in the “Law Magazine and Review.” It serves as a testament to the unpredictable and often humorous paths that legal luminaries may take as they leave their mark on the annals of Irish legal history.

Dundee Evening Telegraph – Thursday 10 April 1902

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