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Limerick Joins the Fight: Irish Party's Recognition as a Democratic Force Grows, Impacting Working People Nationally |

Limerick Joins the Fight: Irish Party’s Recognition as a Democratic Force Grows, Impacting Working People Nationally

In the city of Limerick, the Irish Party has made a significant impact. Citizens are urged to contribute to the Irish Parliamentary Fund to ensure that the principle of putting the people’s cause first remains unwavering. As Limerick has recently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to national pride on St. Patrick’s Day and has actively engaged in enriching cultural and social activities, it is essential that the people of Limerick join Dublin, Cork, Waterford, and other Irish cities in supporting the Irish Party. By doing so, they can foster progress and uphold the democratic ideals that have been established in the House of Commons, making a difference for the working people not only in Limerick but throughout Ireland.

The Irish Party is increasingly recognized as the only genuine and reliable democratic party in the House of Commons. Even the English workingman is beginning to pay tribute to the party that consistently supports the workman’s interest in Parliament. The Irish Party’s solidarity for reform has earned the appreciation of the Lancashire operatives, the Railway men’s Union, and the Miners’ Federation.

The party’s success is attributed to the Irish people’s decision to rely on representatives who prioritize the people’s cause. The Irish Parliamentary Fund has been a significant success in aiding these representatives, and the financial support of the public has enabled social advancement in Ireland. Now, the Irish Party must remain a worker’s party and deserves the tribute necessary to preserve its popular and independent character.

The responsibility lies in supporting Mr Redmond and the National Trustees to continue their fight at Westminster.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 22 March 1902

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