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Limerick Welcomes New Consulting Medical Officer for Workhouse |

Limerick Welcomes New Consulting Medical Officer for Workhouse

In a recent gathering of the Limerick Guardians, the community took a significant step towards ensuring the healthcare needs of its residents. The focal point of the meeting was the election of a consulting medical officer for the Limerick Workhouse. This decision followed a request from the Local Government Board, seeking detailed information regarding the late consulting medical officer’s activities during the past three years. The primary objective was to scrutinize the crucial role this officer played in the welfare of the workhouse, setting the stage for the filling of the impending vacancy.

The Limerick Guardians, in their responsible and civic-minded approach, readily agreed to comply with the request made by the Local Government Board. It was imperative to provide transparency in the process, and they were committed to furnishing the necessary information.

A pivotal moment during the meeting was the election of the new consulting medical officer, a position of considerable importance to the welfare of the Limerick Workhouse. Three distinguished candidates emerged, each vying to serve the community with their medical expertise. The contenders included Dr McGrath, whose affiliation lay with Harrington’s Hospital, Dr William Fogerty from George Street, and the esteemed Dr Graham.

The election results revealed the will of the Guardians and the people of Limerick. Dr McGrath, hailing from Harrington’s Hospital, emerged as the victor with an impressive 46 votes in his favour. This overwhelming show of support from the Guardians solidified his position as the chosen consulting medical officer for the Limerick Workhouse.

In a closely watched election, Dr Graham and Dr Fogerty found themselves trailing behind Dr McGrath, their contributions and qualifications not going unnoticed, though ultimately the majority favoured Dr McGrath’s appointment.

This election marks a significant moment in Limerick’s history, underlining the importance of the workhouse and the dedication of the Guardians to ensure that the healthcare needs of the community are met with diligence and care. With Dr McGrath’s election as the new consulting medical officer, Limerick takes a significant step toward securing a healthier and more prosperous future for its residents.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Thursday 20 March 1902

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