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Electric Lights to Illuminate Limerick Soon | Limerick Gazette Archives

Electric Lights to Illuminate Limerick Soon

LIMERICK – In a much-awaited development, the Limerick Corporation’s electric lighting project is about to see significant progress as the cables for the endeavour are poised to be laid down. The initial groundbreaking ceremony, which marked the commencement of this transformative initiative, took place in early January, but subsequent work had been temporarily stalled. However, Professor Enright, an esteemed figure from London who is supervising the project, has conveyed the encouraging news that there are no insurmountable obstacles, and the undertaking can proceed without further delay.

A notable twist in this narrative emerges with Mr Frazer, the engineer representing the Limerick Tramways Company, putting forth an intriguing proposal. He has recommended that the Limerick Corporation supply electricity to power the city’s tramways, a suggestion that comes at a rate of 2 pence per unit. Professor Enright, who has earned the Corporation’s trust in this endeavour, firmly believes that such a partnership could not only prove beneficial but potentially yield a considerable profit for the Corporation.

However, not all members of the Corporation are unanimous in their enthusiasm for this proposal. Alderman O’Brien and Mr Long have expressed their reservations, deeming it premature to delve into the intricacies of such a partnership at this stage.

In other significant developments concerning the project, Mr Baker, a proficient gas engineer hailing from the Gasworks, has been appointed to the role of assistant engineer for the electric lighting initiative. This appointment underlines the commitment of the Corporation to ensure that this project proceeds with the utmost expertise and diligence.

Furthermore, in alignment with the agreement forged with Professor Enright, a cheque amounting to 6 shillings and 8 pence has been recommended to be drawn in his favour, reflecting the Corporation’s dedication to honouring its commitments and advancing this ambitious project that promises to illuminate Limerick in an entirely new light.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Friday 18 April 1902