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Lord Emly: A Champion for Agricultural Labourers – Limerick Gazette

Lord Emly: A Champion for Agricultural Labourers

Lord Emly, a Baron of the United Kingdom, has proven to be a strong supporter of the agricultural labourers in the south of Ireland and an influential leader in their organization of their cause. A native of Dorset, England, his ancestors first moved to Ireland when John Monsell purchased land in County Limerick in 1612.

Lord Emly’s dedication to the cause has not been without consequence; following a speech he made in support of the agricultural labourers, the Lord Chancellor of Ireland removed him from his positions as a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant of his county. Ironically, while he can still sit in the House of Lords, he is no longer permitted to serve on the petty sessions court of Rathkeale.

His unwavering advocacy for the labour movement in Ireland demonstrates the growing influence and reach of this political and social cause, as well as the personal sacrifices some individuals are willing to make in their pursuit of justice and fairness for workers.

Gloucester Citizen – Monday 31 March 1902