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Shamrock League's Noble Mission Continues with Royal Patronage |

Shamrock League’s Noble Mission Continues with Royal Patronage

In the wake of the resounding success achieved by the Shamrock League in raising substantial funds for the welfare of our Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Families, a decision has been reached to perpetuate this benevolent endeavour. The league’s noble cause has not gone unnoticed, with Her Majesty Queen Alexandra herself expressing a keen interest in the movement. In a gracious gesture, Queen Alexandra has placed a generous order, reflecting her intention to present a sprig of shamrock to every soldier in the Irish Regiment. This act resonates deeply with the late Queen’s desire to honour the shamrock and ensure that our valiant Irish soldiers wear it proudly on St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on March 17th.

The league’s aspiration is that this emblem of Irish heritage will find a place on the lapels of all across the United Kingdom this year, fostering unity and respect for a rich tradition.

For those who wish to partake in this meaningful gesture, fresh shamrock sourced from the charming city of Limerick will be made available. The shamrocks will be meticulously arranged in beautifully adorned enamelled boxes, designed not only to hold this cherished symbol but to serve as lasting mementoes of this remarkable occasion. Each of these boxes will feature exquisitely executed portraits of their Majesties, adding a regal touch to the gift.

Given the anticipated high demand for these symbolic tokens, it is advisable for interested parties to place their orders, which can be accompanied by postal orders, in a timely manner. The cutoff for orders is set at no later than the 11th of March. The Shamrock League’s mission stands as a testament to the power of unity and goodwill, and this initiative carries a poignant message of unity and respect for traditions that bind us as a nation.

Manchester Courier – Thursday 06 March 1902

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