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Rival Synagogues Feud in Limerick – Limerick Gazette

Rival Synagogues Feud in Limerick

In Limerick, a feud is brewing between two rival synagogues that has led to a series of violent incidents. According to Judge Adams, in his writing for the “Jewish Chronicle,” the local Jewish community consists of a mere 300 persons. Described as industrious, well-conducted, respectable, and respected, this community now struggles with unrest within its ranks.

Although the exact cause of the feud remains unknown, it is believed that it revolves around an obscure point of ritual. This disagreement has prompted several assaults, as reported in his court, and the intensity of the feud only grows stronger. The troubling situation is particularly concerning as the two rival synagogues are directly opposite each other.

This ongoing conflict is harmful not only to the individuals directly involved, but to the larger community as well. The strife has the potential to cast a negative light on the otherwise peaceful Jewish community in Limerick. As the dispute shows no signs of abating, future confrontations are to be expected and required legal action if necessary.

Source: Northants Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 18 March 1902.