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"Historical Ecclesiastical Appeal: Bishop of Limerick Encourages Special Service for Coronation Day" |

“Historical Ecclesiastical Appeal: Bishop of Limerick Encourages Special Service for Coronation Day”

In the year 1902, the esteemed Bishop of Limerick, Dr Bunbury, issued a compelling call to the incumbents of the united dioceses of Limerick, Ardfert, and Aghadoe. His request was simple yet resonated deeply with the times – he urged each incumbent to consider holding a special service on June 26th, the chosen day for the Coronation.

Dr Bunbury’s motivation behind this appeal was to provide an opportunity for the people to publicly showcase their loyalty to the British Throne. In an era marked by significant historical and political shifts, the Bishop believed that such a service would serve as a means for the community to express their allegiance to the reigning monarch.

Recognizing the practicalities and challenges involved in gathering on a weekday, Bishop Bunbury demonstrated flexibility by allowing the incumbents to hold the special service on Sunday, June 29th, if necessary. This accommodation ensured that the occasion could be observed at a time that best suited the local circumstances.

This historical call by Bishop Dr Bunbury reflects the complex and evolving dynamics of the period, where questions of loyalty and identity were matters of paramount importance. It stands as a testament to the delicate balance between the Church and the state, demonstrating the significant role that religious leaders played in facilitating public expressions of allegiance to the British Crown during this era.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette – Friday 30 May 1902

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