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Lady Aileen Wyndham Quin Cultivates Vast Violet Farm in Limerick – Limerick Gazette

Lady Aileen Wyndham Quin Cultivates Vast Violet Farm in Limerick

Lady Aileen Wyndham Quin, much like her sister, Lady Rachel Fitzgerald, who passed away last year, is an avid lover of violets and is dedicated to their cultivation in Ireland. Having recognised this passion, she now maintains an extensive violet farm at Adare Manor, County Limerick, where she grows a diverse range of varieties across several acres. Irish violets are famed for flourishing in the region’s gentle and mild climate, making their cultivation a fascinating and notable Irish industry.

Renowned for her love of violets, Lady Aileen Wyndham Quin follows in her late sister’s footsteps, managing a large violet farm at the picturesque Adare Manor in County Limerick. Devoted to growing a vast array of violet species, she tends to several acres, demonstrating her commitment and passion for the beloved flowers. Ireland’s soothing climate provides ideal conditions for violets to flourish, making them an emblem of the nation’s beauty. The cultivation of these enchanting blooms, which has piqued the interest of many, stands as a testament to the richness and diversity of Ireland’s agricultural industries.

Gentlewoman – Saturday 03 May 1902