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Limerick's Historic Move: Artisans' Dwelling Company Formed for Improved Housing |

Limerick’s Historic Move: Artisans’ Dwelling Company Formed for Improved Housing

Limerick, Ireland – In a noteworthy assembly held at the Chamber of Commerce in Limerick, a significant step forward was taken towards enhancing the living conditions of the city’s skilled workforce. The meeting presided over by Most Rev. Dr O’Dwyer, witnessed the birth of the Artisans’ Dwelling Company, a venture with noble aims.

Prominent local businesses and distinguished figures, Lord Iveagh and Sir Thomas Cleeve among them, declared substantial financial commitments, generously contributing a total of £10,000 towards this laudable cause.

The meeting, marked by a motion from Mr Goodwin, resulted in the unanimous decision to establish a directorate composed of seven dedicated individuals. This directorate, possessing the authority to make pivotal decisions, would require a quorum of three members for any official action.

To fuel the noble endeavour, a share capital of £15,000 was established, with each share valued at £1. The initial investment of £10,000 was earmarked, ensuring the indispensable support of the directors and benefactors. This impressive financial backing is sure to set the stage for transformative change in the housing conditions of Limerick’s skilled artisans.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Wednesday 07 May 1902

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