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Limerick Police Mistakenly Apprehend Sane Man in Escaped Lunatic Search – Limerick Gazette

Limerick Police Mistakenly Apprehend Sane Man in Escaped Lunatic Search

The police in Limerick truly accomplished a brilliant feat yesterday. An urgent message reached their ears that an inmate from the Lunatic Asylum had managed to escape, and without hesitation, they sprung to action like expert sleuths on the hunt. Their keen skills and determination led them to promptly apprehend a man, whom they believed was the escapee, and put him in the lock-up.

The man protested time and again, vehemently denying any involvement or connection to the Asylum. But, the police paid no heed to his desperate cries, for they were resolute in their belief that his unusual behavior was just a cleverly crafted ruse – after all, isn’t that what an escaped lunatic would do?

However, much to their chagrin and embarrassment, the truth unfolded when the warden from the Asylum finally arrived at the station. He instantly recognized that the man held in custody was not the missing inmate, but an ordinary citizen who, albeit angry and “mad” from being wrongfully accused, was very much sane.

This peculiar chain of events may have been an oversight on the part of the Limerick police, but it only serves to emphasize the dedication and vigilance they exhibit when it comes to ensuring their town’s safety. In their moment of haste, even the most well-intentioned can a mistake, but it is a learning experience that will undoubtedly remain etched in the annals of Limerick’s police history.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Thursday 01 May 1902