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Major Vesey D.S.O. Marries Hon. Daisy Carleton – Limerick Gazette

Major Vesey D.S.O. Marries Hon. Daisy Carleton

A beautiful union has taken place between Major Vesey D.S.O., of the Leicestershire Regiment, second son of the Right Rev. Thomas Bunbury, D.D., Bishop of Limerick, and the Hon. Daisy Carleton, daughter of the late Paynton Pigott-Carleton (Captain of 16th Lancers) and the Baroness Dorchester Lord Tweedmouth. The marriage, which brings together two distinguished families, was celebrated with joy and heartfelt happiness.

The elegant wedding between Major Vesey D.S.O. and the Hon. Daisy Carleton marked the beginning of a new chapter for the esteemed couple. As the son of the Bishop of Limerick and the daughter of the late Paynton Pigott-Carleton, they exemplify the union of two prominent families steeped in history. Well-wishers and loved ones gathered to celebrate the momentous occasion, showering the couple with love, support, and blessings for a prosperous future ahead.

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette – Thursday 08 May 1902