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A Union of Distinction: Major Vesey D.S.O. Weds the Hon. Daisy Carleton | Limerick Gazette Archives

A Union of Distinction: Major Vesey D.S.O. Weds the Hon. Daisy Carleton

Limerick, Ireland – In a heartwarming and splendid ceremony, Major Vesey D.S.O., hailing from the illustrious Leicestershire Regiment, and the Hon. Daisy Carleton, daughter of the late Paynton Pigott-Carleton (Captain of 16th Lancers) and the Baroness Dorchester Lord Tweedmouth, joined their lives in matrimony. This union, rich in heritage and nobility, was celebrated with immense joy and heartfelt happiness.

The wedding of Major Vesey D.S.O. and the Hon. Daisy Carleton not only marked the beginning of their shared journey but also symbolized the fusion of two distinguished families, both with a proud historical lineage. Major Vesey, as the second son of the Right Rev. Thomas Bunbury, D.D., Bishop of Limerick, brought with him a legacy of service and dedication to his country. In the same vein, the Hon. Daisy Carleton represented her family’s legacy with grace and elegance.

The ceremony was a grand affair, attended by well-wishers and loved ones who had gathered to witness this significant moment in the couple’s lives. Their hearts filled with love, support, and blessings, they rejoiced in the knowledge that Major Vesey and the Hon. Daisy Carleton were embarking on a promising future together. This union, bringing together two distinguished families, is sure to be a source of inspiration and a testament to the enduring power of love and tradition.

Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette – Thursday 08 May 1902