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Mysterious Murder Near Killaloe: Former Army Man Arrested | Limerick Gazette Archives

Mysterious Murder Near Killaloe: Former Army Man Arrested

Denis Cosgrave, a labourer employed by farmer James Smith in Ballynamer, near Killaloe, was found dead in his house after being reported missing following a fair at O’Brien’s Bridge. The body bore signs of violence, appearing to have been stabbed with a hay fork. A man named Slattery, previously in the army, has been arrested and detained in Limerick jail as authorities conduct a magisterial investigation.

In an alarming turn of events, the quiet rural community of Ballynamer, near Killaloe, has been left shaken following the grim discovery of Denis’ lifeless body in his own home. The labourer, who was employed by local farmer James Smith, was reported missing after attending a fair at O’Brien’s Bridge last week. Concerned neighbours initiated a search for Denis, only to find him brutally stabbed with a hay fork.

The police acted swiftly in their investigation, arresting Slattery, who previously served in the army. He has been taken into custody at Limerick jail, where he awaits a magisterial inquiry. The shocking murder has cast a dark shadow over the otherwise peaceful community of Ballynamer, as residents grapple with the tragedy and await the findings of the investigation. Many questions still remain unanswered, with the motive behind the violent attack and its connection to the accused yet to be discovered. As the case unfolds, the close-knit community holds its breath, hoping for justice to be served and the truth to be revealed.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 13 May 1902