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Ard Patrick: A Glorious 1902 Derby-Winning Irish Steed with a Rich Heritage – Limerick Archives

Ard Patrick: A Glorious 1902 Derby-Winning Irish Steed with a Rich Heritage

LIMERICK, IRELAND – Ard Patrick, the illustrious Irish horse that clinched victory in the 1902 Derby, hails from a region deeply steeped in the tradition of horse breeding, an industry of significant importance. His story is intertwined with a locality where equestrian excellence has thrived for generations.

This picturesque area, often referred to as the “Golden Vein” of Limerick, is renowned not only for its lush landscapes but also for its remarkable contributions to the world of horse breeding. Neighbouring parts in North Cork also share this distinction, collectively producing numerous horses annually that are highly suitable for remount purposes. The idea of raising remounts for the Army has been a topic of considerable discussion among horse-breeders in this region.

The conversation surrounding remounts gained momentum over the past year as foreign countries were actively sought out as sources of equine excellence, with a particular focus on supplying horses for service in South Africa. The strategic value of horses in military operations has never been more apparent, and the “Golden Vein” of Limerick and its surroundings stand as a valuable resource in this pursuit.

Ard Patrick’s triumph in the 1902 Derby serves as a testament to the horse breeding prowess of this region, demonstrating its capacity to produce champions. In a world where the demand for equine talent, both in sports and military endeavours, remains high, Ard Patrick’s legacy shines a spotlight on how the past continues to influence our present and future in this vital industry.

Gloucester Citizen – Friday 06 June 1902