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“£5,000 Awarded to Late Dr Barry’s Family in Dublin Court Verdict” – Limerick Archives

“£5,000 Awarded to Late Dr Barry’s Family in Dublin Court Verdict”

Dublin – In a recent legal ruling that unfolded yesterday, a Dublin court made a significant decision, awarding £5,000 in damages to the widow and children of the late Dr Barry from Limerick. The verdict follows an accident that tragically claimed Dr Barry’s life due to the alleged negligence of an employee of Messrs: Spaight and Company, a Limerick-based carrier firm.

The unfortunate incident transpired in November of the previous year when Dr Barry was travelling in a vehicle that encountered a timber cart, which belonged to the defendants, and was found to be on the wrong side of the road. In a desperate attempt to avoid a collision with the errant cart, the driver of Dr Barry’s vehicle swerved, but regrettably, a piece of protruding timber from the cart struck Dr Barry, leading to a severe injury to a vein in his leg. Tragically, complications stemming from a blood clot that developed in the aftermath of the incident ultimately resulted in Dr Barry’s untimely demise in February.

This court verdict serves to underscore the significance of adhering to safe driving practices and emphasizes the crucial responsibility of businesses to ensure that their employees diligently follow proper traffic guidelines. The hope is that this ruling will resonate as a poignant reminder to all companies, encouraging them to place paramount importance on safety and providing comprehensive training to their staff to prevent any further occurrence of such tragic accidents.

While this judgment cannot turn back the clock and reverse the heart-wrenching loss of Dr Barry, it does offer a modicum of justice and support to his surviving family members, who have been grappling with significant pain and suffering in the wake of their profound loss.

Nottingham Evening Post – Tuesday 17 June 1902