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Limerick Artisans’ Dwellings Company Discusses Sites – Limerick Gazette

Limerick Artisans’ Dwellings Company Discusses Sites

Limerick, Monday – A meeting of the Workman’s Dwellings Committee of the Corporation was held today to discuss the involvement of members of the Citizens’ Company. Alderman M’Donnell presided over the meeting, which was also attended by his Lordship the Most Rev. Dr O’Dwyer. Representatives from the company, Messrs. A. Shaw, P. Power, and J. Power, were also present.

The plans for the dwellings had been submitted to Bishop O’Dwyer, who expressed his interest in the cooperation between the Corporation and the company. He suggested offering the street sites for the proposed dwellings. The Corporation is expected to formally consider the various site options at a future meeting.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 17 June 1902