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Limerick Family Seeks £5,000 Damages in Dublin Trial Over Late Dr Robert Barry's Tragic Demise |

Limerick Family Seeks £5,000 Damages in Dublin Trial Over Late Dr Robert Barry’s Tragic Demise

In a courtroom drama unfolding in Dublin, the family of the late Dr Robert Barry of Limerick has set forth a poignant plea, demanding £5,000 in compensation from Messrs Speight and Son, reputable timber merchants in the heart of Limerick. The crux of their claim hinges on the assertion that the tragic demise of Dr Barry, which occurred in February, can be squarely attributed to a grievous mishap that transpired on November 28, owing to the alleged negligence of a servant in the employ of the defendant’s distinguished firm.

Dr Barry, a respected figure in Limerick, held a private practice and bore the weight of various medical appointments. His unexpected passing cast a pall over the community and left his widow and five children bereft. The roots of this heart-wrenching legal battle can be traced back to that fateful day, the 28th of November.

On that fateful autumn morning, Dr Barry embarked on a routine medical visit alongside his son and trusted driver, Hennessy. As they ventured forth, their path intersected with one of Speight’s cargo-laden timber carts, recklessly traversing the road with apparent disregard for common safety norms, stubbornly occupying the wrong side of the thoroughfare.

In an admirable display of quick thinking and reflexes, Hennessy, at the wheel of the doctor’s vehicle, deftly veered to the side, making a frantic effort to evade the impending calamity that the wayward cart seemed destined to bring. However, in the chaos that ensued, a cruel twist of fate intervened. A stray piece of timber, dislodged from the timber-laden carriage, careened towards them with fatal intent, striking Dr Barry in the calf as they passed in proximity.

Initial impressions, as recorded in the annals of this heart-wrenching tale, paint a picture of apparent well-being. Dr Barry, not one to be easily rattled, initially dismissed the incident, thinking himself unharmed. Yet, as the day waned and the painful truth set in, he returned to his home, nursing a sore leg, the leg that would soon become a source of relentless agony, stiffness, and unsightly swelling.

In the wake of his growing discomfort, Dr Graham, the trusted physician, delivered a grim diagnosis – an injury to the vein in the rear of the afflicted leg. This revelation marked the commencement of a chapter filled with anguish and debilitation for the esteemed doctor. Dr Barry, resilient and unwavering, did his utmost to tend to his injury, seeking the solace of recovery.

Despite his valiant efforts, fate had already cast its sombre shadow. Dr Barry’s health spiralled into an inexorable decline, culminating in his untimely passing in the bleak month of February. It is within the corridors of justice, framed by Dublin’s judicial solemnity, that the family of the late Dr Robert Barry seeks to demonstrate a critical connection between the events of that ill-fated November day and the premature loss of their beloved patriarch.

The trial stands as a testament to the enduring quest for justice and redress in the face of tragedy, as the legal system takes the reins to untangle the threads of this heart-rending narrative. In their pursuit of £5,000 in damages, the Barry family confronts not only the echoes of the past but also the pressing questions of responsibility and accountability in our ever-evolving present and uncertain future.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Friday 13 June 1902

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