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“Beloved Figure J.J. Cleary Mourned by Limerick Residents” – Limerick Archives

“Beloved Figure J.J. Cleary Mourned by Limerick Residents”

Limerick, Ireland – The city of Limerick, characterized by its vibrant and diverse community, united in collective sorrow upon receiving the news of the passing of Mr J.J. Cleary. The revered figure had been grappling with a relatively brief illness, leaving residents from all walks of life with a profound sense of loss.

Mr J.J. Cleary, renowned for his contributions to the Royal Spa Hotel in Lisdoonvarna, was a cherished personality among patrons of the health resort. For several years, he diligently served as the proprietor of this esteemed establishment, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who frequented the soothing retreat.

Moreover, Mr Cleary’s legacy extended beyond the tranquil confines of Lisdoonvarna. He wore the mantle of the Mayor of Limerick with grace and dignity, holding this esteemed position for three consecutive years during the early 1870s. His tenure in this role was marked by a commitment to the betterment of Limerick, and his leadership was deeply appreciated by the city’s residents.

As the people of Limerick reflect on the life and contributions of Mr J.J. Cleary, his memory stands as a testament to the enduring impact one individual can have on a community. His kindness, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of those he served have left an indelible legacy that continues to resonate in the hearts of Limerick’s residents.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Tuesday 03 June 1902