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New Campaign Opening: Limerick Convention Encourages Unity and Determination – Limerick Gazette

New Campaign Opening: Limerick Convention Encourages Unity and Determination

At the County Directory meeting held in Limerick’s Town Hall, a large assembly of delegates gathered to discuss the recent meeting of the National Directory. Alderman Stephen O’Mara presided and introduced Member of Parliament (MP) John Redmond, who delivered a lengthy address urging unity, determination, and organization among the people of Limerick and Ireland in the face of the Coercionist movement. Redmond believes a strong opposition from all branches of the League and other representative bodies will lead to the downfall of the government and the landlords in Ireland.

MP William O’Brien echoed the calls for renewed organization and active resistance against landlordism and coercion. He urged attendees to denounce land-grabbing and the eleven months’ system in every parish in Ireland. He encouraged acts of defiance against coercion courts and stated that filling the country’s jails would put an end to the conspiracy of landlordism. A resolution was passed to encourage league branches to hold special meetings to discuss the Directory’s advice.

Other speakers included MP P.J. O’Shaughnessy, Alderman Joyce, and MP Mr Lundon. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks from Alderman O’Mara, with proceedings throughout being marked by enthusiasm.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 05 July 1902