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Setbacks for United Irish League in County Council Elections – Limerick Archives

Setbacks for United Irish League in County Council Elections

In a series of striking defeats, the candidates backed by the United Irish League faced electoral disappointment in several Irish county council elections. The election results unveiled a clear triumph for the opposition, with noteworthy victories by members of the aristocracy, including Lord Killanin in Galway’s Spiddal division and Lord Dunraven in County Limerick.

Lord Killanin’s victory in the Spiddal division of Galway was a resounding one, as he secured a commanding 729 votes against the United Irish League’s candidate. This significant margin of victory underscored the electorate’s preference for his leadership and policies.

Meanwhile, Lord Dunraven emerged victorious in a division of County Limerick, where he overcame his Nationalist opponent with a lead of thirty-eight votes. This result highlights the strength of Lord Dunraven’s support in the area and the appeal of his political agenda.

The electoral upsets continued as the Earl of Erne managed to secure a win in County Fermanagh, narrowly defeating his Nationalist adversary by a mere six votes. This razor-thin margin of victory underscores the competitive nature of the race and the potential for shifts in political dynamics within the county.

In County Tyrone, the Duke of Abercorn added to the United Irish League’s woes by securing a notable win. His victory further emphasizes the trend of aristocratic candidates gaining the upper hand in these elections.

These successive losses for the United Irish League’s candidates signal a significant setback for the political organization in the context of these Irish county council elections. The outcome underscores the shifting political landscape and the potential for new voices and leadership to emerge, as the established aristocracy claims their stake in the political sphere.

Nottingham Evening Post – Saturday 07 June 1902