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"Peculiar Clash at Limerick Union Workhouse Results in Unpleasant Consequences" |

“Peculiar Clash at Limerick Union Workhouse Results in Unpleasant Consequences”

In an unusual turn of events, a group of individuals recently attempted to breach the gates of the Limerick Union workhouse, and the outcome left both the assailants and the workhouse staff facing unforeseen consequences. One individual, who possessed the necessary permit issued by a relieving officer, managed to gain access to the workhouse. However, those who had failed to adhere to the established regulations were promptly denied entry.

As tensions escalated, the agitated group resorted to pelting stones at the institution and its officials, resulting in an unfortunate altercation. Reports suggest that a gate-porter, an assistant, and several storekeepers were subjected to rough treatment during this chaotic incident. Fortunately, the local authorities, in the form of the police, swiftly intervened, preventing any serious harm from befalling the dedicated workers.

The aftermath of this episode saw two of the individuals involved in the tumultuous scene being escorted to Limerick Jail rather than securing temporary refuge within the workhouse, as they had initially intended. Consequently, these two individuals are now expected to face a prolonged stay in jail, a stark departure from the brief one-night respite they had initially sought.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 14 June 1902

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