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Limerick's Catholic Boys' Brigade to Host Grand Evening March | Limerick Gazette Archives

Limerick’s Catholic Boys’ Brigade to Host Grand Evening March

Limerick, Ireland – The Catholic Boys’ Brigade on Church Street, Limerick, is set to take to the streets in a grand evening march, scheduled for Wednesday at 7:30 pm. In a show of unity and pride, all brigade members are expected to turn out in full uniform for this impressive event.

The brigade has extended a warm invitation to young boys who aspire to join their ranks. As part of this welcoming initiative, those interested in obtaining excursion cards are encouraged to attend the event. What’s more, for the convenience of potential new members, the brigade has introduced an instalment payment plan, where the journey begins with a mere one-penny down payment.

This grand evening march promises to be a splendid showcase of discipline, camaraderie, and civic spirit, as the Catholic Boys’ Brigade makes its presence known in the heart of Limerick.

County Limerick Technical Instruction Committee’s Inaugural Meeting

In other Limerick news, the County Limerick Technical Instruction Committee convened its very first meeting, a notable milestone in the region’s educational pursuits. Reverend Father Nolan was unanimously elected Chairman of this esteemed committee, reflecting the confidence and support he enjoys from his peers.

The meeting agenda revolved around discussions concerning the allocation of £750 by the County Council. These funds are earmarked for advancing technical instruction within the county. It was revealed that teachers would soon be appointed to facilitate technical instruction programs across Limerick. This marks a significant step towards enhancing the educational landscape in the county.

The National Education Board had previously pledged its support, but concerns were raised regarding the range of teaching subjects offered by the Board. The committee deemed it necessary to seek the Department’s approval for the appointment of specific instructors to cover essential disciplines. In this regard, one instructor in basket-making, two instructors specializing in domestic economy, and one dedicated to manual training were considered necessary to meet the county’s educational needs.

These developments signify the continued progress of Limerick’s educational and civic initiatives, paving the way for a brighter future for its residents.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Monday 04 August 1902