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Land Judges' Court in Limerick Addresses Estate Purchase Proposals | Limerick Gazette Archives

Land Judges’ Court in Limerick Addresses Estate Purchase Proposals

In a recent Land Judges’ Court session presided over by Judge Ross, the estate of Viscount Massereene and Hon. M.F. Deake, situated in the picturesque locales of Limerick and Tipperary, took center stage. Mr P.C. Gaussen, representing the encumbrancers, put forth a request to the court seeking approval for the purchase proposals submitted by the tenants of this sprawling estate.

The heart of the matter revolved around the willingness of these tenants to acquire their holdings on the estate. With the majority of tenants having dutifully met their rent obligations, the question at hand was the price at which these tenants could secure ownership. In an effort to strike a fair and equitable deal, the court resolved to determine the purchase price based on a range of 18 to 20 years’ worth of rent.

However, Judge Ross, in a move that underlines the court’s unwavering commitment to uphold legal and financial propriety, ultimately decided not to accept proposals from all tenants, including those who had faltered in fulfilling their financial obligations. In a clear stance, the court opted to approve purchase proposals only from those tenants who had exhibited their financial responsibility by fully discharging their rent dues.

This decision signifies the Land Judges’ Court’s dedication to ensuring that property transfers are conducted in a manner that not only adheres to established legal procedures but also hinges on the responsible financial standing of the tenants. It underscores the significance of financial integrity and adherence to agreements in such matters, shaping a precedent that resonates with contemporary property ownership dynamics.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Wednesday 23 July 1902