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Limerick Updates: Health Appointment, Workhouse Sanitation Improvements, and Upcoming Pipers’ Club Event – Limerick Archives

Limerick Updates: Health Appointment, Workhouse Sanitation Improvements, and Upcoming Pipers’ Club Event

In this week’s Limerick news, a series of important events and decisions have taken place, contributing to the ongoing development and progress of the region. Among these updates are the appointment of a new medical superintendent officer for public health, improvements in workhouse sanitation, and the upcoming events hosted by the Pipers’ Club. These developments serve as markers of the continuing growth and commitment to social and cultural well-being in the Limerick community.

Mr W. Redmond, M.P., visited the Corofin Coercion prisoners in Limerick Jail on Wednesday. He found the six victims of Wyndham’s coercion measures to be in high spirits. Three of the prisoners, Messrs. O’Brien, Hegarty, and Griffin, are to be released next Monday. Their release demonstrates their continued commitment to fighting for the people’s rights against landlord oppression.

In last night’s Limerick Corporation meeting, Dr McGrath was declared unanimously elected as the medical superintendent officer of health, after Dr Shanahan’s nomination was withdrawn. Dr McGrath’s recent acquisition of the required special diploma in public health makes him a competent and trustworthy candidate to protect the city’s health.

Prompt steps have been taken to address the workhouse’s inadequate sanitary arrangements, which were poisoning children with sewer gas. At Wednesday’s meeting, a report from Engineer O’Malley stated that a temporary fix had been made. Further inquiry is needed to identify who interfered with the drain and removed sewer trap caps.

An unsuccessful effort was made at last night’s Corporation meeting to reintroduce the old system of whole-house committees for city cleansing work. Instead, the new and successful method of smaller committees was upheld by a majority of the Council.

During last night’s Corporation meeting, there was a discussion about the importance of securing proper macadam for street repairs. The mayor stated that the City Surveyor’s opinion on this is paramount. Citizens will closely monitor the effects of any changes in the road material.

Fishermen from Limerick, Castleconnell, Killatoe, and others are keenly interested in the problem presented by the extraordinarily large capture of salmon in the lower parts of the river during the summer. Greater vigilance is needed to protect the salmon from being speared in the tributaries.

Dr Graham clarifies that he arrived on the scene seven minutes after being called to assist with Mr Fenton’s tragic death, disputing any suggestions of delay.

Limerick Night Watch successfully foiled an attempted burglary on Wednesday morning through the vigilance of Watchmen Aberne and O’Connor. The watchmen’s quick response serves as a deterrent for potential burglars in the future.

Following the success of a recent Gaelic gathering in Kilkee, the Limerick Pipers’ Club is planning to hold another event in a county Limerick location on August 24th. This will help promote Irish speech, songs, and dances throughout the county.

A significant football match between the Limerick Commercials and the Slate Quarry team from Urbe Intacta is scheduled for Sunday, August 17th. Both teams have previously held the Championship of Ireland, so an exciting contest is expected. A special train will be available for fans travelling to and from the match.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 09 August 1902