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United Irish Societies Support John Redmond's Policy Against Coercion with "Remember Limerick" Message | Limerick Gazette Archives

United Irish Societies Support John Redmond’s Policy Against Coercion with “Remember Limerick” Message

Mr John Redmond, MP.., recently received a cablegram from the president of the convention of United Irish societies in Chicago, expressing their support for his policy against coercion and urging him to “Remember Limerick.” This message is understood to be related to the ongoing campaign against the newly formed combination of Irish landlords.

This international show of solidarity highlights the importance of Limerick in the broader Irish struggle for independence and fair treatment. The mention of Limerick symbolizes a shared history and the resolve to resist oppression, serving as a rallying cry that resonates with Irish communities worldwide.

It is worth noting that the support extended by the United Irish societies is not merely symbolic but reinforces the significance of Limerick’s role in shaping the country’s political landscape. The reference to Limerick in this context also serves as a reminder for Mr Redmond and other Irish leaders to carry on the fight against coercive measures, such as unfair landlord practices.

In conclusion, the cablegram sent to Mr John Redmond demonstrates the global connections among Irish people, united by a common cause and a shared history. Limerick’s role in that history is a potent symbol of their commitment to stand against coercion and the ongoing fight for a fair and just Ireland.

Edinburgh Evening News – Wednesday 06 August 1902