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Citizens Unite in Support of Limerick Guardians' Resolution; Parliamentary Fund and Local Events Show Limerick's Spirited Community |

Citizens Unite in Support of Limerick Guardians’ Resolution; Parliamentary Fund and Local Events Show Limerick’s Spirited Community

From congratulating His Holiness the Pope on his Pontifical Jubilee to standing up against Coercion, the people of Limerick have displayed their unity by wholeheartedly supporting the Limerick Guardians’ resolution. The city has actively raised funds for the Parliamentary Fund to show their opposition to Coercion, while events like the Aeridheacht, Donoughmore Fete, and the G.A.A. Championships highlight the spirited nature of the Limerick community. In this report, we explore how citizens band together on various issues, proving that Limerick citizens are united in their passion for their local community.

The citizens of Limerick have unitedly given their hearty approval to the Limerick Guardians’ resolution congratulating His Holiness the Pope on his Pontifical Jubilee. Last Thursday, when Father Ring’s letter was read at the meeting of the Corporation, it was put on hold instead of being dealt with promptly. The result is that, when every other public body has spoken out, our Corporation will follow from behind, instead of leading in matters of this kind.

The Parliamentary Fund

The meeting held in the Town Hall this afternoon marked the first step in bringing Limerick in line with subscribing to the Parliamentary Fund. Last year, over £200 was raised, and this sum should be doubled this year as a protest against Coercion. This was the view expressed by Mr P.E. Bourke, J.P., who put his words into action by doubling his individual subscription. Others in the city, I am sure, will do the same and make the Fund worthy of the Party and deserving of Limerick.

Corofin Coercion Prisoners

The ineptitude of Coercion rule was prominently displayed last Monday when the Corofin Coercion prisoners, Messrs. J. Linnane and Joseph O’Sullivan, were released from Limerick Jail. In a strategic move, the Governor managed to avoid a demonstration by releasing them at 7 a.m. However, when posters were put up announcing a public meeting to honourthem and protest against Coercion, the innocent placards were promptly seized by the police, presumably on orders from Dublin Castle. The logical course of action following this heavy-handed maneuver would have been to prevent the meeting from taking place. However, this was not done and speeches defying Wyndham and all his works and pomps were delivered without impediment, and an enthusiastic crowd accompanied Messrs. Linnane and O’Sullivan to the terminus without any interference.

Now, if the meeting was illegal, why was it allowed to take place? If it was legal, what right did the police have to tear down the posters? This is the kind of behavior that brings the Castle into disrepute and causes people to mock English law in Limerick.

Dr Bunbury’s Blunder

Dr Bunbury’s glaring indiscretion in Tralee has stirred up considerable indignation in Limerick. The people of this city have become accustomed to the prudent policy of non-intervention in provoking controversies followed by the late Dr Graves. They strongly resent Dr Bunbury’s unauthorized intrusion into politics. Many of his own followers are loudly condemning his unsolicited diatribe against the citizens who have helped make the fortunes of a considerable number of Protestants in Limerick.

Dr Bunbury’s opinion regarding the agitators is unimportant. However, judging by a couple of incidents that occurred within the past year or so, if “those who foster religious intolerance were to take the place of the Boers at St. Helena,” he would be currently preparing for the voyage.

Small Committees

Several months ago, the Corporation wisely decided to appoint small committees for various branches of municipal business upon the proposal of Mr J. Long. These small committees produced satisfactory results. For some unknown reason, at its latest meeting, the same discerning body reverted to the old and discredited system of unwieldy whole-house committees.

In Dublin and elsewhere, special committees are responsible for managing certain departments. Limerick’s municipal management is not so efficient as to ignore systems that have proven successful in other cities. Two members from each ward provide ample representation, but when everyone wants to have their finger in every pie, it doesn’t matter what is best for the citizens or what isn’t. If common sense prevails at the next Council meeting, Mr Long’s resolution to return to small committees will be approved by a large majority.

The Aeridheacht

The Aeridheacht held on Sunday in the Cornmarket was one of the most remarkable Gaelic gatherings ever held in Limerick. A comprehensive account of the event appeared in Monday’s Freeman, so there is no need to go into details here given the limited space. The Rev. T. Lee delivered an inspiring address, which is sure to have a positive impact on the crowd. The four-hour program was thoroughly enjoyed by some seven thousand people, much to the delight of Mr J.J., secretary, and the committee of the Limerick branch of the Gaelic League.

Donoughmore Fete

The Fete held in aid of the fund for the erection of a parochial house in Donoughmore was such a great success that it remained open an additional day. The Rev. Father M’Carthy, P.P., was delighted with the large attendance and the endeavours of his helpful committee in providing entertainment for the guests.

G.A.A. Championships

The Gaelic Athletic Championship Sports, which took place in the Markets Field on Sunday, is set to be one of the most remarkable athletic events of the season. Many well-known champions in various branches will compete, and a record attendance is expected.

The City Shrievalty

Among the candidates for the city shrievalty, Mr James Flynn has already reportedly secured many promises of support. Mr Flynn is a known Nationalist and was one of the earliest subscribers to the Irish Parliamentary Fund.

Killaloe Races

Killaloe, located in the southeast, will hold its annual races on Monday, the 15th of this month, with excellent sport expected. The fixture is known as the Killaloe-Ballina Races, and a strong executive committee is working hard to ensure success. Special trains will be run from Limerick for the event.

Theatre Royal

Sherlock Holmes at the Royal is enjoying a great run, with all parts well-performed and interest sustained from beginning to end. On Monday week, the ever-popular Belle of New York will make an appearance, and the Royal is sure to be well-filled.

Northants Evening Telegraph – Saturday 13 September 1902

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